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[Official Brand Store] Sfrcord® Ion Ice Silk Men's Functional Briefs

[Official Brand Store] Sfrcord® Ion Ice Silk Men's Functional Briefs

 (2318 Reviews)

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[Official Brand Store] Sfrcord® Ion Ice Silk Men's Functional Briefs

[Official Brand Store] Sfrcord® Ion Ice Silk Men's Functional Briefs

 (2318 Reviews)
Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
SAVE Sold out

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Take a look at our satisfied customers


Man, let me lay it down for you straight. As a guy who's been wrestling with obesity due to lack of exercise, I've tried a ton of methods to shed those pounds. But I gotta tell you, Sfrcord® Ion Ice Silk Men's Functional Briefs has truly turned my weight loss game around. After just a few weeks of using these bad boys, my body and overall weight have gone through some serious changes – we're talking a whopping 37 pounds lighter. I ain't just seeing physical improvements, my confidence is skyrocketing too. These shorts? They've helped me find that swagger and positive vibe again. It's like they've breathed new life into my confidence and overall outlook.


“I am severely obese and my belly is very big. The worst effects of obesity on me are erectile dysfunction and timing disorders in men. I've tried countless ways but in vain . By chance, I saw news about these panties and decided to try them out. there logistics are fast. I felt my that feeling on the first day I put it on. When I use it for 3 weeks, I wake up with my comforter up every morning. After using it, I noticed that my fat started to drop dramatically and my beard grew faster than before. I have got the feeling what i always looking for really happy to have these.”


High-calorie food is common in modern life, especially high-fat, high-sugar food, easy to lead to the expansion of the waistline. Beer and lack of exercise is the cause of belly fat, office sedentary, less exercise is easy to form a "couch potato" abdomen, age exacerbates this phenomenon. As the years go by, the metabolism slows down, muscle reduction, prompting the accumulation of body fat in the abdomen. Men when the body's hormonal imbalance, especially cheap or breathable underwear leading to increased levels of estrogen or reduced levels of testosterone, there will be a lack of male function, prostate problems, varicose veins and other problems, if not improved in time will lead to more men's problems.

How Does The Sfrcord®  ice silk men's underwear ?


Sfrcord® Ion Ice Silk Men's Functional Briefs activates more than 800 reflex points in the abdomen. These specially designed ice silk panties use ion therapy, far infrared therapy and absinthe therapy to independently generate energy, requiring no external power sources such as electricity. By combining these treatments, the shorts provide users with a holistic massage and stimulation experience. They are effective in enhancing blood and lymphatic circulation, relieving lymphedema and stimulating testicles in men, as well as minimizing body cellulite accumulation and enhancing male function.


By infusing the fabric with absinthe and embedding tourmaline using a unique process, the shorts release ketones and negative ions. The combination of far infrared therapy and absinthe therapy can provide a variety of benefits, including pain relief, testicular protection and reduction of inflammation in different parts of the body.

It has been observed that long-term use of these shorts can prevent and solve health problems such as prostatitis, cellulite, swollen lymph nodes, edema, male diseases, varicocele, etc.

Far Infrared Therapy

The results of the study show that Sfrcord® Ion Ice Silk Men's Functional Briefs is an innovative short that generates infrared energy without relying on an external power source. According to the research of New York Medicine, infrared therapy can not only improve blood circulation, enhance cell metabolism, stimulate the activity of testicular cells, but also promote the consumption of calories in the body, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

By stimulating fat cells, infrared therapy prompts the release of fatty acids and glycerol, which are subsequently utilized by the body, resulting in weight loss. Furthermore, infrared therapy accelerates the body's metabolic rate, leading to increased calorie expenditure and aiding in the achievement of weight loss objectives.

Far Infrared Therapy, endorsed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is an advanced treatment that promotes fat burning, enhances testicular cell activity and eliminates cellulite. Through the use of far infrared radiation, it stimulates blood circulation, metabolism, production of androgens such as testosterone, and breaks down subcutaneous fat to help men achieve their ideal regained male experience.

Achieve Fitness & Enhance Blood Circulation

Infused with tourmaline, these shorts contain precious natural minerals that stimulate points in the abdomen and reproductive organs through acupressure techniques, resulting in improved blood circulation and total body relaxation. Skin-friendly, breathable and very refreshing, these shorts weigh a fraction of ordinary shorts and offer ten times the support and protection. With these shorts, you can get the best male confidence overnight!

Experience Rapid Body Shaping, Fat Burning, And Detoxification

Our Sfrcord® Ion Ice Silk Men's Functional Briefs is designed to support your weight loss journey, even if you have a sedentary lifestyle or struggle to maintain a balanced diet. These shorts feature 80% Far Infrared Therapy to help you achieve your desired weight. The function of shorts is to promote metabolism, detoxify the body, reduce the appearance of cellulite and solve edema. In addition, they help to quickly enhance male function, strengthen testosterone, and stimulate the restoration of the prostate gland.

Sfrcord® Ion Ice Silk Men's Functional Briefs integrates vasorelaxation and increased blood flow through negative ion stimulation of the testes and improves erection quality by enhancing the release of nitric oxide.Sfrcord® Ion Ice Silk Men's Functional Briefs is specially formulated to address sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and erection difficulties, and helps to improve sexual function and restore men's confidence and fulfillment.

Sfrcord® Ion Ice Silk Men's Functional Briefs has antimicrobial and supportive properties that provide extra protection and support for your reproductive organs. Reduces swelling and pain associated with varicose veins and relieves pressure in the spermatic cord area. Prevents fungal infections and reduces skin problems such as hyperpigmentation around the private area. Whether you wear it for everyday use or during sporting activities, it provides you with comfort and safety.

What makes this Sfrcord® Ion Ice Silk Men's Functional Briefs the best choice ?

   ✅  Therapies verified by authoritative institutions

   Reduce internal waste and excess fat, slimming

   Accelerate metabolism, solve lymphatic problems (lymphedema, lipoma, etc.)

   Significantly improve blood circulation throughout the body

   Decreases sexual dysfunction

   ✅ Targets specific prostate issues such as enlarged prostate and prostatitis

   ✅ Provides professional men's support, testosterone-boosting activity

   ✅ Inhibition and recovery of varicocele

   ✅ Ice silk fabric, easy to liberate summer

Here are some of our happy customers:

 "My wife chose to leave me because she was dissatisfied with her married life, and I vowed to give myself the longest lasting time and hardness to make my ex-wife regret it. On the recommendation of a friend, I used this panty and the first night I wore it, I had a strong urge that made me hot. I stopped using it after 5 weeks but I still don't feel any side effects. One of the benefits for me was starting a new life with a girl 20 years younger than me because she liked my energy and persistence. Thanks to ' Sfrcord ' I have regained my youth, craziness and energy."

As an overweight man, where every day movement is a burden, and exercise seems to be a luxury as my clothing sizes get bigger, I ordered the product based on my doctor's recommendation. By the 8th week of wearing it, my weight was back to normal, my body was fit and my male function was normal. Now I don't need it anymore. During this time I met my ex-girlfriend who expressed shock and asked me why I had suddenly become so strong. At that moment, I got my confidence back. After my last experience, I got back together with my ex-girlfriend. She complimented me on how great I was and swore she would never leave me again, and yes, I totally understand. Now we are married and it was the best decision! "



  • Materials: Unique Fiber, AAA Grade Antibacterial MicroNylon
  • Size: L、XL、2XL、3XL、4XL、

Package Includes

  • 1x Sfrcord®  ice silk men's underwear (Black/Blue/Purple/Green)



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